patterned glass panel / building / flat / translucent
HYDROGENE by L. Kemper & P. Olah



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  • Other characteristics:

    flat, translucent


Hydrogene is a versatile architectural system made from uniquely designed and crafted illuminated glass panels to decorate walls, floors, ceilings and other indoor as well as outdoor surfaces. Lasvits new Hydrogene system takes the synthesis of glass and light beyond the contemporary realm and pushes the boundaries of art glassmaking to a new level. Hydrogene is a modern architectural system which Lars Kemper and Peter Olah designed specifically for architects with flexibility in mind. Hydrogenes superior made-to-order panels of unique decorative glass transform almost any architectural surface into a bright focal point of attention. Additionally, turning on the integral LED lights creates a kaleidoscopic illusion of depth and movement. This system allows architects to draw from customized frame shapes of different sizes, decors and lighting options, from cold to warm to colored. The versatility of Lasvits Hydrogene system means that it can be utilized in almost any public and private spaces, such as hotel receptions, spas and bars, including exteriors.