pendant lamp / contemporary / polyethylene / LED
CIULIFRULI by Atelier(s) Femia & Emiliana Martinelli 2015



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    white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange


Swinging lamp for indoor and outdoor with diffused light made of rotational polyethylene printed material. It consists of a support in 5 colours and in a white interchangeable diffuser in 4 different sizes and shapes. Now with a new, larger diffuser (code 30903/BI). For Led bulb.

diffuser white:
30859/BI Ø16 H16 - white
30860/BI Ø23 H19 - white
30861/BI Ø16 H29 - white
30862/BI Ø29 H13 - white
30903/BI Ø50 H40 - white (NEW 2019)

coloured support with orange cable and plug for outdoor:
1x5W E27 Led / 1x10W E27 Led

30858/GI Ø10 H14 - yellow
30858/VE Ø10 H14 - green
30858/AZ Ø10 H14 - light blue
30858/RO Ø10 H14 - red
30858/BI Ø10 H14 - White

coloured support with white cable and stud for indoor:
1x5W E27 Led / 1x10W E27 Led

30857/GI Ø10 H14 - yellow
30857/VE Ø10 H14 - green
30857/AZ Ø10 H14 - light blue
30857/RO Ø10 H14 - red
30857/BI Ø10 H14 - white

coloured support with white cable for indoor to be connected to the stud for 5 cables, to ceiling and interchangeable diffusers:
1x5W E27 Led / 1x10W E27 Led

30863/GI Ø10 H14 - yellow
30863/VE Ø10 H14 - green
30863/AZ Ø10 H14 - light blue
30863/RO Ø10 H14 - red
30863/BI Ø10 H14 - white

stud for 5 cables:
30867 Ø45 - white

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