contemporary wall light / outdoor / cast aluminum / LED
BRUCO cod.1440/AN by Studio Natural



  • Style:


  • Location:


  • Material:

    cast aluminum

  • Light source:


  • Protection class:


  • Color:



Outdoor lamp, diffused light, componible. Composed of many elements with 1 or max 4 lamps bodies. Aluminium die casting. With pole to be fixed on the floor or with support to fix on the wall. LED light source integrated. Every body lamp (A) can be fixed on the pole (E) with only one direction light or with 4 90° positions.Awards:
iF Design Award 2019 Elements for the lamp composition:code 40059 BODY LAMP H 18 Ø 6,5 - 14 12W 2700K
code 40060 TOP Ø 6,5
code 40061 BASE Ø 13
code 40062 JOINT Ø 6,5
code 40063 POLE H 50 Ø 6,5 or code 40064 POLE H 80 Ø 6,5

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