pendant lamp / original design / bamboo
FLOWER by D.Fabian Van Der Schalk



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    original design

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The designer on the Flower Large bamboo ceiling light
The Flower is constructed from a collection of precision laser cut bamboo leaves. This flower shaped ceiling light is a real eye catcher for over your dining table. The light is available in two formats: Small and Large.
Bamboo ceiling light with leaves
The playful character of this bamboo light is the most striking think about it. The separate elements are perfectly arranged to make the shape of a flower. This light’s special feature is is that it is made from bamboo. The bamboo is strong and lightweight; that’s why we can make the leaves so wonderfully thin. This bamboo ceiling light has a braided black cotton flex which fits perfectly with the lights sleek appearance. The bamboo leaves are identical because of the precision laser cutting. You can choose between a small, (64 cm) or large (100 cm) bamboo light.