pendant lamp / contemporary / wooden / fabric
LIGHTHOUSE by Daniel Hulsbergen



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    wooden, fabric


The designer about the Lite
The Lighthouse is from the same family as the Satori lamp. They share common materials. Balsa wood and Oratex but here I chose an entirely different form.

Instead of being round the Lighthouse is primarily square and angular. Inspired by our contemporary architecture and interiors. They are almost always rectangular. You can regard the Lighthouse as a miniature room.

Extraordinary design
The sides of the central column are covered to conceal the light source. The solid strip of fabric around the extended circumference adds depth when the light is on. This allows the Lighthouse to spread a delicate, natural light.

It feels soft and has a delicate structure and a matte finish. Oratex is an advanced fabric more commonly found in the world of model aeroplanes. Not only is it lightweight, it brings with it many benefits for the durability of the lamp.

Natural radiance
The lamp hangs from a braided cotton cord. This luxury cord fits seamlessly with the natural appearance of the wood and fabric.

Height: 50 cm
Lenght: 47 cm
Diameter: 47 cm
Cable: 160 cm
Light source:E27 'large fitting'
Includes ceiling rose