engineered parquet floor / glued / antique teak / natural oil finish



  • Type:


  • Installation:


  • Material:

    antique teak

  • Finish:

    natural oil finish, patina


Species: Teak Antico / Antique Teak
Botanical name: Tectona Grandis L.F.
International names: English: Teak - French: Teak - German: Teak
Geographic origin: Asia
Texture: Mediumly fine
Fibre: Straight
Mass volume: at 12% humidity: 580 - 750 Kg/m3
Shrinkage: Average
Nervosity: 0,21
Dimensional stability: High
Suitability for use in bathrooms and on heated screed: Excellent
Brinell hardness test: Average
Durability (resistance to fungi and insects): Excellent
Oxidisation: Average
Varnishing:This can present certain problems because of extracts and oleoresins.
Other aspects:Certified Antique Teak comes from old buildings made of Burma teak, carefully restored and converted into floor boards. The first patina is the most external part of the original planks, the second patina is the layer immediately beneath which appears after cutting.

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