closed wood hearth / 1-sided / steel / for boiler fireplaces



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    for boiler fireplaces



Frascel is the silent fireplace heating system. Thanks to its versatility it can be purchased in the wood version and the biomass fuel version through the installation of a bench or hopper loading device.
The fireplace heating system has an anti-noise steel chain. The anti-block wheels and the steel guides on the sides of the door allow safe, easy and silent running. The large ceramic glass window is flat to allow an excellent view of the flame.

Copper coil
It is an optional that allows to produce domestic hot water for the bathroom and kitchen. The coil is realised in finned copper to increase the heat exchange surface.


• Easy opening system
• Side opening: to facilitate cleaning of the glass
• Large ceramic glass window: for an excellent view of the flame
• Possibility of functioning with biomass fuel*
• Electric spit*
• Domestic hot water production*
• Mechanical control unit*: designed to manage the pump
• Electronic control unit*: for management of the pump, spit and diverter valve
• Pump*
• Pasqualicchio Quin-Fuel Technology

Note: (*) optional
Kits available

• Hydro Kit*:separates the plants and produces domestic hot water
• 100 Kit*: module for boiler/chimney interface
• 120 Kit*: module for boiler/chimney interface and 3-way valve management
• 200 Kit*: module for hot water production/heating interfacing
• 300 Kit*: module for boiler/chimney interface and 3-way valve management

Note: (*) optional