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EEcobin® is the simple, fast and modular answer to worksite or refuse dump storage requirements. In the Autostabile (Freestanding) version, Ecobin® consists of sections that reach the worksite already complete with stabilizing base and they are consequently very suited for all applications where ease and speed of installation are required; the freestanding Ecobin® structure permits moving walls at will to extend the box or change its floor plan. It is an economical and flexible product which, while always environment friendly, permits pre-sorting wastes inside ecological islands and separating and storing the loose materials on worksites and with dealers. Similar to the free-standing version in terms of concept, the Ecobin® Non Autostabile (Non-Freestanding) version is designed for statically more demanding applications. These walls feature anchoring reinforcements protruding from the base which have to be integrated in the reinforcement and in the base casting inside the box, thus providing solutions of a permanent nature, but which are still very quick to install. Finally, the Ecobin® Delta sections are used when heights are big and stresses are strong. They are usually used to build large-volume stores. These walls can even be used to support the roof structures of the store itself. Heights of up to 12 m are available.