metal wallcovering / home / tertiary / for schools
AC02 Stick-on Wall



  • Material:


  • Market:

    home, tertiary, for schools, contract, for public spaces, for restaurants, for laboratories, for hotels, for bars

  • Finish:

    smooth, textured, metallized, matte, high-gloss, oxidized, personalized, waxed, polished, satin, reflective, patina, brushed, natural, varnished, bush hammered

  • Appearance:

    tile look, metal look

  • Options:

    low-VOC, fire-retardant, interior, washable, high-performance, decorative, sound-absorbing, high-resistance, tile, PVC-free, energy-efficient, antibacterial, heat-resistant, recyclable, solid color, panel


Planium presents a coating system with unique characteristics.

AC02 Stick-on Wall allows you to cover walls easily and quickly.

Stainless steel, Calamine, bronze, copper or the new exclusive finishes: discover the metropolitan atmosphere, that our catalog offers.

Spaces will acquire a new light and, at the same time, a charm you have never seen before.