handicapped lifting platform / indoor



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The lift is mounted in a pit at the foot of the staircase, so when it is not in use it is flush with the surrounding floor.

The obvious advantages are that it does not create an obstruction and can be discreetly blended into the decor of the room.

The user manoeuvres their wheelchair on to the platform and sets the brakes. Using a remote control themselves, or by someone using wall mounted controls, the lift will start.

First, the safety kerb rises to prevent the chair from being able to move off platform during motion.

Then, the platform lift will rise up and over the steps. The safety kerb barrier is a sensitive edge, meaning the lift will stop if anything touches it.

Underneath the platform, a plate lifts up to cover the hole. This will also stop the lift if anything touches it.

Once the platform reaches the top step, the front barrier lowers, allowing the user to egress.

Once off the platform, it can be lowered back into the pit using the same controls again, safely tucked away until the next time it is needed.