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flat polycarbonate panel / for partition walls / for furniture / for roofs



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for roofs, cladding, for partition walls, for furniture, for exterior fittings

  • Other characteristics:

    colored, transparent


MONOGAL / PLAZCARB sheets are made from Polycarbonate, the transparent steel! Virtually unbreakable. Combine excellent transparency with outstanding toughness and heat resistance. Available with one or two sides UV protection, with excellent outdoor weathering performance. Meet the most demanding applications.

Sheets are produced according to EN 16240:2013 standard.

High clarity and light transmission: the transparent steel!
Excellent impact strength
Ductile – excellent toughness
Excellent stiffness and strength
Excellent dimensional stability - high heat resistance
Lightweight. Half weight of glass
Can be UV protected, excellent weathering and ageing resistance. Life-long UV-resistant.
10-year limited warranty
Easily handled, machined and thermoformed.
Cold curving capability
No hazardous substances
Excellent fire behaviour: self-extinguish
Environment friendly-100% recyclable
REACH and RoHS declarations