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home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings
UC 360-MHE

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home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings - UC 360-MHE


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    indoor, for ceilings


Air handling unit with high-efficiency heat recovery for ventilation and summer dehumidification. Fresh air intake flow-rate and supply air flow-rate can be set and handled separately (partial recirculation of air is possible). Single unit consisting of two parts: heat recovery module and air handling module. The high-efficiency counter-current heat exchanger (~90%) is situated in the exhaust air duct. Horizontal installation in false ceilings. Air outlets (in- and outward ducts) on the two shorter opposite sides, which means that the ductwork can be connected easily, and it can be installed in narrow spaces. Operations: fresh air ventilation, air recirculation, free cooling, booster, dehumidification, integration of summer and winter sensible capacity (external input). Condensed by air. R134a refrigerant. The unit includes 4 motorized dampers, already assembled and wired, which manage all the unit operations automatically. Heat discharge in the stale air exhaust duct in order to reduce energy consumption both in dehumidification and integration modes. Free additional sensible cooling without using cool water from the chiller. UC 360-MHE is equipped with modulating valve Ø 1⁄2”, by-pass connection for the free-cooling function, and silencer. The condensate drain kit is also supplied as standard.
NOTE: the ductwork for the fresh air intake and stale air exhaust should be sized considering a flow-rate value of 360 m3/h. Control options: Remote control Type 1 or WI controller.

- Horizontal installation in false ceilings
- High-efficiency heat recovery (~90%)
- EC High-efficiency modulating fans

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