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laminated veneer lumber construction panel / building / for doors / for windows



  • Material:

    laminated veneer lumber

  • Applications:

    building, for doors, for windows

  • Thickness...:

    39 mm, 45 mm, 75 mm, 90 mm (1.5 in)



Beams, rafters, columns, purlins, wall plates, window and door lintels, girders, collars, structural boards etc. A variety of industrial applications. A system component in the STEICOconstruction building system.

Product benefits:

Laminated Veneered Lumber for a variety of applications
Available in a wide range of depths and thicknesses
Dimensionally stable
High strength to weight ratio
Easily cut using traditional wood working tools
High compression strength for rimboard applications
FSC certified
CE marked


STEICO LVL is manufactured from several layers of about 3mm thick, graded, spruce and pine veneers. Defects are eliminated in the process and a homogeneous cross-section produced. This structure gives STEICO LVL the highest strength. At the same time, deformation through shrinkage and swelling is reduced. In addition, this method allows the production of a large diversity of formats to be produced from the panel blank of up to 18m length and 2.5m wide.