solid wood girder / spruce / precast



  • Material:

    solid wood, spruce

  • Other characteristics:



Sun Wood is the only manufacturer worldwide for solid wood beams and offers perfect surfaces in old wood-, precious-, color- and fruitwood look. We use solid, brushed and chipped spruce wood (according to decor type) from the local forest industry, which is specially processed and finished.All models and sizes are available up to approx. 20 m long. These are available in your format of choice and can be processed with the CNC system. Our solid wood beams are available from 1 unit.CNC SystemOur beams and laminate timber can be finished before or after with the CNC System, and integrating timber joints like straight blade, standing blade, pin joint, mortise and tendon joint, ridge laps and scarf joints is simple for us.All solid wood beams are made from brushed and chipped spruce wood laminate.Glu-lam solid spruce wood beams from locally harvested foresty undergo a special finishing process, resulting in a finished product that looks just like real old wood. The innovative and flexible Sun Wood technology makes it possible to create versatile surfaces which also refine and protect the wood.