tunnel formwork / modular / steel

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tunnel formwork / modular / steel tunnel formwork / modular / steel


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    for tunnels


Tunnel Formwork is a system which allows simultaneous casting of walls and slab in one pouring cycle. Half tunnels can be stripped and moved out to the next phase/level the nest day after the pouring. Having faster workflow and being easier to operate with, compared to conventional systems, use of the system can save up to 50% of formwork budget. The system enables you to have smooth concrete surface, dimensional accuracy and eliminates finishing works like plastering. Moreover the system creates good load-bearing concrete structure, which can be applicable for projects in seismic areas.

Load-bearing capacity:
High load-bearing capacity.

Rapid pace of work and cutting of re-assembly cost due to the repositioning of complete units;
High quality of concrete surface minimizes finishing work;
High number of use cycles (up to 500) means lower follow-up expenses.

Easy handling and planning:
Small number of different parts is used;
Time and cost-effective owing to use of preassembled half tunnels;
The formwork can be plumbed and aligned very quickly and accurately in all directions.

Safe use:
Safe working conditions provided by systems safe equipment.

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