glulam wooden truss
Frame systems



  • Material characteristics:




Frame systems are economical support structure solutions (beams and support columns) for optimized load distribution in difficult assembly situations, such as if it is not possible to transport heavy precast concrete members to the building site. Shapes as a design element: standard system for frame corners, arch frames, finger-jointed frame corners, special frames.


Quick and easy assembly,
especially with difficult site conditions
Aesthetic complete wooden support structure
as an architectural design element

Reference projects

Arch frame: Ebensee Salt Works
Domaine Albrechtsfeld, Agricultural Estate,
Andau, Burgenland
Magna Racino Equestrian Sports Hall, Ebreichsdorf
Erfurt Speed Skating Hall
Stadium in Jicin, Czech Republic
Special frame: Pöttinger Customer Centre in Grieskirchen