expanded polystyrene (EPS) formwork block / for interior walls / for partition walls / insulating



  • Material:

    expanded polystyrene (EPS)

  • Applications:

    for interior walls, for partition walls

  • Options:



Our ZEGO Domestic Insulated Concrete Forms ICF HomeFORMS are available in 4 sizes, 100, 150, 200 & 250 Series Forms

Suitable for residential applications up to Bushfire Attack Level BAL-29* i.e. Walls with window and door openings.
Fire Rating in BAL-40 and BAL-FZ ( Flame Zone ) areas and walls on or within 900mm of a boundary use ZEGO FireFORM which also interlocks with the Domestic HomeFORMS
A sacrificial hollow foam block in the 150, 200, 250 Series that is core filled with concrete block fill mix (32mpa, 10mm agg, 180mm block fill slump) 7mm agg when using 150 Series.
Walls are fully load bearing to support a suspended concrete floor such as the insulated ZEGO ZlabFORM Suspended formwork
The 100mm Series is an alternative for internal and non-load bearing walls
Positive male and female interlock to eliminate sideways slippage during concrete pouring
A patented locking mechanism allows the blocks to lock together in increment of approximately 50mm
A patented Dovetail groove for acrylic render and plasterboard support
Manufactured to fully engineered and quality assured tolerances
Fully complies with AS1366, AS3600, AS3610, AS3700 Australian Standards
External Finishes include but not limited to are Acrylic textured or smooth coloured render all 8mm+2mm for Acrylic base and top coat renders, Stone – Stack stone, tiles, Alucabond, Batten and weatherboard, MiniOrb, ColorBond
Internal Finishes include but not limited to are plasterboard allow 10mm or 13mm plus 5mm cornice cement, 8mm+1mm for Acrylic base and setcoat coat renders or stone or tile thickness