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roller shutter / electric / for roof windows - AMZ

Electric awning blind is an appropriate combination of effective protection from heat and comfort of use. Due to the fact that the awning blind absorbs solar radiation...

roller shutter / for roof windows - ARZ-H, ARZ Z-WAVE, ARZ SOLAR Z-WAVE

External roller shutter provides total comfort when using the attic space because it protects from overheating, enables...

roller shutter / PVC - STORBOX

Roller shutters are multi-functional elements. Apart from darkening, regulating light and serving as sight protection they also provide additional safety and thermal insulation when shut.


roller shutter / fire rated - ERC11

Rolling Counter Fire Doors (also called fire shutters) secure openings...

roller shutter / fire rated - ERC10

Rolling Counter Fire Doors (also called fire shutters) secure openings...

roller shutter / fire rated - ERC10

Insect screens have become indispensable; nowadays every house, restaurant, hotel and office utilize them; the screens provide not only protection against insects...

roller shutter / aluminum / door - FRONT MOUNTED

The front mounted roller shutter consists of a plate, box and guide rails. The plate is a set of slats which can be made of aluminium (filled with PUR foam) delivered in 19 colours, or of plastic delivered...

roller shutter / aluminum / door - S_ONRO®

The shade marked s_onro® brings the unique system of the external shadings which comes out from the newest discoveries in the field of light transmission and energy saving.

roller shutter / aluminum - BUILT-IN BOX

By installing the built-in version of roller shutters, a smooth look of the facade is achieved. The roller shutter consists of a plate, a box and guide rails....

roller shutter / aluminum - TOP MOUNTED ROLLER SHUTTERS

Top mounted roller shutters are suitable for any type of plastic windows. All top mounted roller shutters consist of an equalizing profile, inner and outer walls,...

roller shutter / aluminum - RONO

A roller shutter into RONO lintel is a common type of the exterior roller shutters. The box with the plate is placed into the lintel of the window opening where there is a space prepared...

roller shutter / aluminum - RL 13

The new roller blind RL 13 from Schenker Storen is an aesthetic...

roller shutter / aluminum - ALUFALT AF 41

Many factors contribute to giving you a feeling of safety and comfort within your own four walls. Folding roller blinds can make an essential contribution...

roller shutter / aluminum - ALUROL B AR 41

Roller blinds must satisfy a variety of requirements: They have to protect houses, apartments and businesses, not just from...

roller shutter / aluminum / door - SISTEMA 40

SISTEMA 40 is the new preassembled roller-shutter box with roller shutter offering superior heat and sound insulation. The roller-shutter box is fully concealed (unless a front panel is required for inspection panel), integrated...

roller shutter / aluminum / door - SISTEMA 40

They would not like to do also with the roller shutter without a pleasing Design? The HOCOroll fulfilled with its rounded off silhouette these requirements perfectly and sets thereby accents on your front. In addition no from the outside...

roller shutter / aluminum / door - SISTEMA 40

The fact that roller shutters front mounted elements also of many different, considerable window system manufacturers assigned and are distributed out, speaks a convincing language.

The various assembly and application possibilities of...

roller shutter / aluminum / with screen -  EXCLUSIVELEMENT

If you look around consciously, you will state that the Design of the HOCO of exclusive front mounted element became generally accepted in the meantime European-wide.

The round, harmonious and...

roller shutter / security - TRIFAB® VERSAGLAZE® 450 STANDARD

* Hurricane Impact tested on Shutter Application Only
* Trifab® VG 450 is 4-1/2" (114.3) deep with a 1-3/4" (44.5) sightline
* Front, Center, Back or Multi-Plane glass applications
* Flush glazed from either the inside...

roller shutter / security - TRIFAB® VERSAGLAZE® 451/451T

* Hurricane Impact tested on Shutter Application Only
* Trifab® VG 451/451T is 4-1/2" (114.3) deep with a 2" (50.8) sightline
* Front, Center, Back or Multi-Plane glass applications
* Flush glazed from either the inside or outside

roller shutter / aluminum - SR700

The system SR700 features minimal and curved lines and is fully adaptable with all ALUMINCO systems.

The system can be adapted with the frames and the rails...

roller shutter / PVC - VARINOVA

VariNova the innovative add-on box

As a constituent of the outer facade, the roller shutter box adopts a key role in thermal insulation. If the requirements under the German Energy Savings Act EnEV are to be met, a max U value of 0.85 W/m²K must be obtained at the...

roller shutter / aluminum - ROLAPLUS

Installation variants.

The RolaPlus front-mounted box is ideal for all installation types no matter whether on single-shell, compound, or outside-insulated masonry. The front-mounted...


How to choose this product


A roller shutter affords exterior openings security and protection from sunlight and bad weather. On ArchiExpo, these devices are categorized by properties including material or intended place of use.


In addition to residential use, such shutters are also found on commercial and public buildings to protect against theft or to prevent windows from being vandalized or broken.


These shutters may be operated electronically via a digital key, by an electric switch or by an interior manual pulley system. Popular construction materials include stainless steel, PVC and wood. Some models are built into the lintel above the window or door, while others are installed separately. Certain window frames include an integrated shutter.

How to choose

Determine the shutter's primary purpose, e.g., security or weather protection. Consider the need for extra locking devices and if it will be opaque or transparent. Ease of maintenance and the ability to withstand vandalism are other factors.

Style, color and harmonization with the rest of the building may be important in the case of residential installation. While aluminum frames go well with concrete or industrial finishes, wooden shutters can add natural warmth and color to the exterior.

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