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3 products GEOSEC ITALIA
foam resin injection system for wall cracks SEE&SHOOT / GEOSEC GEOSEC ITALIA

SEE&SHOOT (Patent n. EP 1914350) is an efficacious method for consolidating ground foundations designed to combat differential subsidence in buildings. It is rapid (on average only a few days are...

foam resin injection system for ground improvement SEE&SHOOT - SEISMIC SUPPORT GEOSEC ITALIA

See&Shoot HD "seismic support" is an efficacious method for consolidating ground foundations designed to combat differential subsidence in buildings. It is rapid (on average only a few days are required)...

foam resin injection system for foundation improvement SOIL STABILIZATION GEOSEC ITALIA

To resolve sunken floor problems, Geosec uses the traditional SOIL STABILIZATION intervention system. This "traditional" procedure involves the...

3 products Novatek s.r.l.
2 products Cetco
liquid grouting (for ground improvement) DRILL-TERGE™ Cetco

DRILL-TERGE is a liquid solution of nonionic surfactants formulated...

blended dry granular polymer for drilling efficiency INSTA-VIS™ DRY Cetco

INSTA-VIS DRY is an easy mixing, water soluble, high molecular weight...

4 products CETCO EUROPE
compensation grouting (for ground improvement) SORBOND® CETCO EUROPE

CETCO offers a broad range of innovative solidification and stabilization products. These easily applied products ensure compliance with federal disposal standards...

compensation grouting (for ground improvement) QUIK-SOLID® CETCO EUROPE

Quik-Solid is a solid, granular cross-linked polyacrylate advanced Superabsorbent Media that rapidly absorbs and retains large volumes of fresh water aqueous solutions. Its absorptive properties are ideally...

compensation grouting (for ground improvement) AKWASEAL® LV CETCO EUROPE

Akwaseal LV polyurethane grout is a versatile remedial waterproofing product that stops water infiltration through concrete joints, cracks, and poorly consolidated areas. Akwaseal LV has been used to...

permeation grouting (for ground improvement) BENTOGROUT® CETCO EUROPE

Bentogrout is an innovative, cost-effective remedial waterproofing system that stops water inflitration in existing concrete and masonry block foundations. For over 20 years, Bentogrout has been used...

7 products Keller Holding
Keller Holding
vibro-compaction (for ground improvement) Keller Holding

Ground improvement techniques are used to...

Keller Holding
compensation grouting (for ground improvement) Keller Holding

Ground improvement techniques are used to...

Keller Holding
soil mixing (for ground improvement) Keller Holding

Ground improvement techniques are used to...

Keller Holding SOILCRETE®
jet grouting (for ground improvement) SOILCRETE® Keller Holding

The jet grouting process The jet grouting process “Soilcrete” is recognised...

1 products Max Bögl
Max Bögl
soil freezing (for ground improvement) Max Bögl

When frozen, materials change their characteristics: they gain enormous stability...

soletanche bachy
jet grouting (for ground improvement) soletanche bachy

Jet grouting is a family of processes that employs...

soletanche bachy
compensation grouting (for ground improvement) soletanche bachy

Injection grouting is just one of the major techniques that Bachy Soletanche is able to offer in the complex field of ground...

soletanche bachy CSM
soil mixing (for ground improvement) CSM soletanche bachy

Soil mixing can also form vertical containment barriers. Traditionally...

foam resin injection system for ground improvement MULTIRESIN® SYSTEM KAPPAZETA S.p.A.

IL SISTEMA DI CONSOLIDAMENTO INTELLIGENTE (Domande di Brevetto: Italiano n.RE000095 - Europeo n.10151908.0) Autoregolandosi in base alla rilevazione dei dati geotecnici, il Sistema inietta: la resina...

9 products Terratest
stone column (for ground improvement) Terratest

Stone columns, also known as vibro-replacement, are a soil treatment that involves deep vibration and adding stone to the ground. Applicable to very soft to medium soft silty or clayey soil...

vibro-compaction (for ground improvement) Terratest

Vibro-compaction is a technique for treating soils by means of deep vibration. It is suitable for granular soils (generally with a content of fines...

vertical drain (for ground improvement) Terratest

Vertical drains have a rectangular cross-section. The core is plastic so that it serves as a channel allowing water to circulate...

rigid inclusion (for ground improvement) Terratest

When the loads to be borne are high or concentrated at one point, a possible solution is to use rigid inclusions on...

soil mixing (for ground improvement) Terratest

It consists of boring columns by combining soil with cement or with a mixture of cement and lime, wither in the form of lime wash (wet) or powder (dry)....

dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) Terratest

This is a method of improving the ground that involves compacting by hammering the...

8 products Trevi S.p.A.
Trevi S.p.A.
lime column (for ground improvement) Trevi S.p.A.

Lime columns are used for the stabilisation of soils such as clay and soft...

Trevi S.p.A.
compensation grouting (for ground improvement) Trevi S.p.A.

The technology of injection to consolidate and re-compress soil, known in the technical literature as compaction grouting, is a solution aimed at compacting and...

video Trevi S.p.A.
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) Trevi S.p.A.

Dynamic Compaction (DC) is a cost-effective soil improvement technique that achieves deep ground densification...

video Trevi S.p.A. REPLACEMENT
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) REPLACEMENT Trevi S.p.A.

Dynamic Replacement (DR) is an extension of Dynamic Compaction (DC) to highly compressible, organic and weak soils. Dynamic Replacement columns are formed through a succession of tamping and back-filling...

Trevi S.p.A.
soil freezing (for ground improvement) Trevi S.p.A.

Ground freezing consists in freezing the water contained in the soil pores until turning it into ice. Then the ice acts as a cement...

Trevi S.p.A.
jet grouting (for ground improvement) Trevi S.p.A.

Jet Grouting tecnique improves soil mechanical and permebility properties by using high-speed jets of water/cement mixture injection treatement. Jet Grouting can be advantageously in the following conditions:...

5 products URETEK
1 products DRACO
gel grouting (for ground improvement) DRACOGEL GT2 DRACO

This acrylic gel is not toxic. It is suitable for waterproofing and consolidating soils as well as blocking water infiltration with injections. DRACOGEL GT2 is an acrylic formula that turns into an elastic...

6 products Menard
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) Menard

The dynamic compaction technique is used to densify the ground to great depths thanks to the creation of very high energy waves. The...

jet grouting (for ground improvement) Menard

The JET GROUTING process fits particularly with grounds that cannot be grouted by classic processes. It is a soil...

stone column (for ground improvement) Menard

The compaction of loose soils or uncompacted fills can be achieved at depth by using the process of vibroflotation. The...

vertical drain (for ground improvement) Menard

Vertical drainage can be used to accelerate the consolidation of impervious soils. Vertical drains are flat or round flexible plastic tubes. MENARD has developed its own range...

rigid inclusion (for ground improvement) Menard

The Controlled Modulus Column is the environment-friendly column for the 21st century. It is used to support slabs-on-grade and embankments on compressible...

vibro-compaction (for ground improvement) Menard

The compaction of a loose soil...

3 products Rembco
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) Rembco

Compaction Grouting uses controlled displacement to increase the density of soft or loose soils. It is typically used for settlement control, structural re-leveling, and remediation of sinkholes. A small...

compensation grouting (for ground improvement) Rembco

Chemical Grouting is a form of permeation grouting. Solution grouts that are commonly used include acrylamides, polyurethanes, acrylates, epoxies and sodium silicates. There are two major types of chemical...

permeation grouting (for ground improvement) Rembco

The term “Pressure Grouting” is in widespread use, but it is frequently misused. Although it seems to describe a specific type of grouting, the term is not specific. It refers to a wide variety of procedures....

Roger Bullivant Ltd
stone column (for ground improvement) Roger Bullivant Ltd

GROUND IMPROVEMENT Construction development on marginal, or brownfield sites is now economically and environmentally feasible due to the ever-increasing costs and concerns of purchasing greenfield sites. The...

3 products DURMEYER S.A.S
1 products SEFI-INTRAFOR
compensation grouting (for ground improvement) SEFI-INTRAFOR

The grouting technique is used to improve soils and certain man-made structures (masonry, concrete, etc.) -Filling of natural cavities (karsts,...

Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces CMC
stone column (for ground improvement) CMC Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

The Controlled Modulus Columns™ are well adapted to high surface loading conditions and stringent settlement requirements and are used to support slabs-on-grade,...

video Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces DC
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) DC Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

Dynamic Compaction™ is used for the foundations of buildings or to stabilize large areas of embankments or roadways on loose soil. The technique is also commonly...

Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces DR
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) DR Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

Dynamic Replacement™ improves the strength of saturated cohesive soils and soft organic soils, when dynamic compaction is not effective due to the high fines content of the in-situ soils. Dynamic...

Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces RIC
dynamic compactation (for ground improvement) RIC Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

Rapid Impact Compaction is used for shallow ground densification. The Rapid Impact Compaction technique, achieves shallow ground...

Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces VSTONE
vibro-compaction (for ground improvement) VSTONE Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

In granular soils, the Stone Columns increase the density of the surrounding soils providing liquefaction mitigation, improved bearing capabilities and reduced settlement. In fine grained soils Stone...

Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces
vibro-compaction (for ground improvement) Notre entreprise- Nos services- Nos forces

Vibro Compaction is used in areas where weak and unconsolidated soils impose constraints on development. This technique is the compaction of loose granular soils by penetration of a vibratory probe...

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