Roof sealing tape / facade / gutter / ozone resistance


  • Applications:

    facade, gutter, roof

  • Other characteristics...:

    ozone resistance, low VOC, flexible, self-adhesive

  • Function:

    vapor barrier, air barrier, UV protection

  • Format:

    roll, adhesive tape

  • Material:



Solution for permanently sealing leaks.
Ideal for sealing joints on roofs, roof penetrations, skylights, covers, gutters, etc. Very simple to install, no need of any accessory or additional adhesive.
The active sealing technology adhesive ensures superb adhesion to virtually any construction material.
• Exceptional adhesion to the most common materials
• Ideal for use in extreme industrial environments
• Adhere to the surface at a molecular level = higher surface adhesion
• With an embedded primer
• Resistance to UV’s and flexibility up to -56ºC
• Application in a single step without the need of accessories
Excellent adhesion to the different construction materials:
• Polycarbonate
• Glass
• Metals
• Natural stone
• Concrete
• Plaster or ceramic
As simple as: Clean the surface, remove the protective foil and apply the membrane!


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