pendant lamp / original design / wooden
SATORI by Daniel Hulsbergen Odesi. Dutch Design Online



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    original design

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The designer about the Lite
As a small child airplanes were my favorite things, especially gliders. Just like most kids, having a real airplane could only happen in a dream. That's how I got interest in creating model-sized gliders. But back then, even the model scale's were quite expensive especially when you are still young.

This fascination has never left my mind. Because now, years later I still love using those same materials.

The materials used for building model gliders have some unique properties. They are extremely light and very strong for their weight.

It's possible to make interesting objects which you cant make out of any other material. In this case I created a lamp with an interwoven construction that is surprisingly light. Because they are highend materials they are naturally good looking, fit for most interiors.

It's grand size is the first thing you'll notice, the Satori lamp has a imposing presence. Touch or hold the lamp, and you'll be surprised by how light it is. The secret lies in the materials. The framework is made from Balsa wood, a specific tree that originates from Southern and Middle America.

Geometric design
The Satori has an inner and outer frame, both are octagons (8 corners). The smaller inner frame is fully covered with the Oratex fabric to have similiar effect as a lampshade. The outer frame only has 4 side covered, meaning the light will be divided and diffused further away into the room.