metal wallcovering / home / for offices / contract



  • Material:


  • Market:

    home, tertiary, for schools, contract, for offices, for public spaces, for restaurants, for laboratories, for hotels, for bars

  • Finish:

    textured, smooth, matte, high-gloss, metallized, polished, satin, reflective, brushed, natural, oxidized, personalized, waxed, bush hammered

  • Appearance:

    metal look

  • Options:

    fire-retardant, interior, high-performance, washable, decorative, energy-efficient, sound-absorbing, solid color, low-VOC, high-resistance, tile, antibacterial, recyclable, panel


To coat means to give new life to an environment.

Not only furnishings, but also spaces, floors and, above all, walls can be customized in an infinite way.

Planium has always tried to provide its clients with the possibility of having new surfaces that leave a characteristic and original sign.

Planium metal becomes a plate, which can be easily applied to the wall. Through minimum thicknesses and a light layer of plastic, vertical glue laying is quick and easy.
This and much more is AC02 Stick-on Wall. The tiles are applied with glue, the finishing metal has a sub-base in thin thermoplastic material. The integral union of the two materials guarantees lightness and, therefore, speed of installation.

Why should you limit your imagination then? Stainless steel with different textures, the marvelous Calamine with blue tones, the red of copper, the warmth of bronze and brass tones. Or our surfaces with irregular oxidized flames. Each finish is available with various surface treatments, such as brushing and satin finishing.