Acoustic panels

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facade cladding acoustic panel / cement / design / commercial
facade cladding acoustic panel

interior acoustic panel / PVC / perforated / for public buildings
interior acoustic panel

Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm

... sound-absorbing panels Pan Cell, Pan Cell Sound and Pan Cell Sound Plus are made of pure gypsum coated in PVC, approved as class A2-s1-d0 fire resistant. Perforated panels ...

false ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / curved / for public buildings
false ceiling acoustic panel

... acoustical core. The percentage of open area on the Quadrillo panel is only approximately 6% (for a 5mm spacing groove), however the unique grooves create a four sided funnel effect that allows sound ...

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cladding acoustic panel / metal / imitation wood / commercial
cladding acoustic panel

wall-mounted acoustic panel / foam / fire-retardant / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

MATERIAL Grey Basotect* (BASF) melaminefoam. High resistance to temperatures: -60nCto+150nC. Incase of tire: non drip, no toxic fume release, non fiber-forming. Isotek-Metal Slikhas excellent sound-insulating properties, particularly ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / colored / for office
ceiling acoustic panel

The advantages of this type at a glance: universally usable ideal for language absorption high absorption ideal for gastronomy and offices Individual solutions and options upon inquiry. Contact us with no obligation!

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n'H Akustik + Design AG
wall-mounted acoustic panel / foam / decorative / colored
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 50 mm
Width: 330 mm
Length: 600 mm

Type Acoustic wall panel.. Dimensions (w x h x d) 600 x 330 x 50 mm Material Basotect absorption foam Finish Flock Colours Click here for the colour chart

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acoshape +
ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / cement wood / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 35 mm

... peaceful look characteristic of timber batten ceilings. Troldtekt line acoustic panels have lengthwise surface grooves. Each panel has ten evenly spaced grooves. When the acoustic ...

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Troldtekt A/S
wall acoustic panel / galvanized steel / metal look / industrial
wall acoustic panel

wall-mounted acoustic panel / wooden / imitation wood / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

This wooden diffusion panel is the result of a long design and analysis process and one of JOCAVI®'s options in terms of diffusion panels. The use of this extremely efficient panel is ...

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Jocavi - Acoustic Panels, Lda
wall acoustic panel / felt / polyester / decorative
wall acoustic panel

Width: 450, 920 mm
Length: 450, 920, 1,390 mm

FE wall panels FE product family includes innovative and sound absorbing floor and desk screens, wall panels and decorative trees made of polyester felt. FE screens and wall panels ...

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Standard AS
interior acoustic panel / for partition walls / for walls / wooden
interior acoustic panel

Thickness: 105 mm

... thickness of 105 mm Sound absorption test certificates for fecophon αw = 0,5 up to 0,8 Sound insulation test certificates for one-sided acoustics Rw,P = 42 dB up to 47 dB Sound ...

false ceiling slab acoustic panel / for false ceilings / for walls / for partition walls
false ceiling slab acoustic panel

Thickness: 3 cm

SoKoVerd.C1 Art preformed panel in natural blond cork, which reduces acoustic reverberation, reduces heating costs and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to the particular shapes and variety of ...

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Coverd Srl
wall acoustic panel / for partition walls / MDF / plywood
wall acoustic panel

Thickness: 12 mm - 92 mm
Width: 160 mm - 1,200 mm
Length: 600 mm - 2,430 mm

An acoustic panel is a special kind of panel made of sound absorbing materials. Its job is to provide sound insulation. Between two outer walls sound ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / wooden / decorative / textured
wall-mounted acoustic panel
BIRKENRINDE / birch / bouleau

... texture as well as its suppleness and leather-like flexibility. The surface is carefully removed and then assembled into panel elements of 480 x 480 mm. Their easy handling now allows them to be used also as wall coverings ...

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Freund GmbH
ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / for partition walls / for interior
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 20 mm
Width: 1,320 mm
Length: 2,800 mm

... specifically for sub contractors and joineries. The large sized panels are available in the following listed dimensions and surfaces from stock and quantity one pce (1). In addition, the panels can be ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / fabric / wool / felt
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 3 mm
Width: 90 cm

Fabric: felt in 3mm thickness Material: 100% wool - density 300gr/m² - weight 900gr/m² Proprieties : sound proof, heat proof, light proof, waterproof, naturally fire retardant Dimensions: tailor-made: no limits ...

interior acoustic panel / MDF / for office / for public buildings
interior acoustic panel

Making Work Sound Better The Decibel program started in 2016 and began as an experimental project with a directive to explore how sound attenuation properties could be achieved within thin structural ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / for interior / MDF
ceiling acoustic panel

... Our panels are based on a fibre gypsum board which has excellent properties regarding dimension stability, impact resistance, fire safety and acoustics, demands which effectively ...

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Gustafs Scandinavia AB
false ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / wooden / commercial
false ceiling acoustic panel

... WoodAcoustic panels are made on the basis of wood fiber. They have excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Can be used: in false ceilings, in wall cladding, used as acoustic ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / polyester / printed / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Width: 170 cm

Kurage' Acoustic Design Solutions combine design and aesthetics with sound deadening function of the highest sound absorption class. Offering a wide variety of possibilities for combination ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / for interior / wood wool / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Diacrete Wood Wool Cement Board is a series of green building materials that provides notable acoustic and thermal insulation solutions to many applications that is made up of specific ratio of the 2 ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / for interior / MDF / fabric
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Width: 600 mm
Length: 1,200 mm

The Dezign ceiling-mounted absorber can swing between vertical and horizontal mounting, and is available in several sizes. DIMENSIONS 1200×600 for vertical or horizontal suspension Circles for horizontal suspension Ø 600, Ø 800, ...

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interior acoustic panel / composite / decorative / printed
interior acoustic panel

Light-b is a material with an high coefficient of sound absorption. As well as knock down the noise, it improves the acoustics inside the spaces and it is especially recommended in public areas. Thanks ...

ceiling acoustic panel / for partition walls / for interior / polyester fiber
ceiling acoustic panel

PLEAT designed by By May. The sound absorbent Pleat is a hanging panel with a design that plays with 3D vs. flat. The printed raster creates a light effect and enhances the three dimensional effect. ...

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Okko Design AB