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interior acoustic panel / wooden / imitation wood / commercial
interior acoustic panel

... throughout panel with Rubber core of either 3,5 mm or 6,3 mm Joubert rubberplex is a composite plywood panel wich combines Okoume for the face veneers - for excellent cutting and machining characteristics ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / wooden / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 16 mm
Width: 128 mm
Length: 2,430 mm

In order to achieve a high acoustic absorption coefficient and a beautiful aesthetics D+ (Decustik Plus) System description Acoustic panel system with high technical and aesthetic ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / stone wool / metal / fire-retardant
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Width: 60 cm
Length: 120, 60 cm

... pollution, fire, impermeability, resistant to the bad weather (freezing, thaw) acoustic absorption: the open and tangled up structure made of rock wool naturally dissipates sound energy. It also considerably ...

partition wall acoustic panel / fabric / wool / steel
partition wall acoustic panel

... With great acoustic credentials, Fabricks combats the increased noise levels and visual distractions that lead to reduced productivity. Fabricks are tested to ISO 10053 and BS EN ISO 354:2003 achieving Class A sound ...

ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / PET / decorative
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 0'00", 0'01"
Width: 4'00", 6'00"
Length: 8'00", 9'00"

Sound matters in your spaces. EchoPanel is the answer.Design something simple or spectacular! Use EchoPanel flat panels adhered to walls and ceilings for clean looks and sound absorption ...

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Kirei USA
wall-mounted acoustic panel / for interior / fabric / wool
wall-mounted acoustic panel
MODUS (for wall)

Thickness: 40 mm - 70 mm
Width: 400 mm - 1,200 mm
Length: 400 mm - 1,200 mm

... The main function of acoustic panels is to minimize sound reflection (echo) and noise, improving the acoustic comfort. Special patented and certified material which effectively ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / textile / decorative / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / wooden / textured / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

NOVOFIBRE Acoustic panels are specially treated and shaped for the purpose of sound insulation and cut with high accuracy to ensure even wall paneling and a quality finish. They are easy ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / fabric / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 25, 50, 75 mm
Width: 1,200 mm
Length: 1,200, 2,400 mm

... approve the fabric for use on acoustic panels. Easy Installation Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels by Sontext come with a simple to install fixing system as seen in the ...

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Sontext Pty Ltd
interior acoustic panel / wooden / perforated / commercial
interior acoustic panel

ALPRO ACOUSTICAL SYSTEMS sets the standard for effective noise reduction solutions that are economical and suitable for any industrial environment. Perforated, corrugated metal panels supply long lasting ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / wooden / metal / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 50, 80, 100 mm

HIGH-QUALITY MODULAR SOLUTIONS FOR WALL-MOUNTED ABSORBERS Absorber elements from Strähle can be used as wall-mounted or shell panels, or as an independent element affixed directly on glass, solid-built walls or drywalls. ...

ceiling acoustic panel / fabric / for public buildings
ceiling acoustic panel

These very simple triangular acoustic canopies were installed as part of the refurbishment of this old fire station. The fabric forms are created using a mild steel box section frame, over which the fabric is Velcro ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / aluminum / colored
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 20 mm - 160 mm

A pleasant acoustic comfort conducive to conversation Noise is one of the principal sources of inconvenience in our working, teaching and leisure environments. Moderator Aw acoustic panels, ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / fabric / decorative / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel
100% DESIGN 2015

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Anne Kyyrö Quinn
particle board acoustic panel / for interior / cement / perforated
particle board acoustic panel

Thickness: 10 mm - 40 mm
Width: 625, 1,250, 1,100 mm
Length: 2,600, 1,250, 3,200, 3,100 mm

Demand for panels with superior visual appeal for interior and trade show construction has increased steadily in recent years. For these applications, we provide a factory perforated panel in four different ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / for partition walls / metal / perforated
wall-mounted acoustic panel

... from RMIG is a quick and easy method to minimise the noise, creating calmness in the workplace. Sound absorbing notice boards from RMIG Improved acoustics with "WALL" and RMIG Richfon It can ...

ceiling acoustic panel / MDF / colored / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

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ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / wooden / imitation wood
ceiling acoustic panel

Length: 3 m

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / plastic / decorative / textured
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Twist FeltForms Acoustic Tiles 4 tiles The FeltForms line is designed to dampen noise while increasing sound clarity and speech intelligibility. FeltForms modern patterns and beautiful felted textures, ...

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ceiling acoustic panel / plastic / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

INDUSAIL SYSTEM combines the aspects: Acoustics – Lighting – Cooling - Ventilation Modern office concepts – that's what INDUSAIL SYSTEM was developed for – maximum flexibility tailored to the design and requirements. ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / textile / printed / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Benefits Sound dampening Individual motives Flexible design Different sizes Acoustic Pictures from Primex have a sound absorbing function. They reduce the reverberation, which is ...

interior acoustic panel / polyurethane / self-supporting / commercial
interior acoustic panel

... Class A acoustic absorber for sports halls, five-a-side pitches, gyms and event centres. TVS ABSorb Sport Panels have undegone extensive impact testing to ensure their suitability for use within sports ...

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Total Vibration Solutions TVS
interior acoustic panel / wooden / commercial
interior acoustic panel

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MALVAUX Industries
false ceiling acoustic panel / foam / design / commercial
false ceiling acoustic panel

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false ceiling acoustic panel / wooden / fire-retardant / commercial
false ceiling acoustic panel

The DEWETON acoustic panels are the ageless classic in the domain of the acoustic products. More than 20 years on the market but still demanded and popular. The panel ...

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