Acoustic panels

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / plastic / colored / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Width: 250 mm
Length: 500 mm

Dimensions : 250 x 500 (mm) Weight : 3,200 kg Code :

wall-mounted acoustic panel / for interior / fabric / decorative
wall-mounted acoustic panel

... workspaces out with suitable sound absorption systems. Each project requires a tailor-made technical installation and that is where Dynamobel comes in with its solutions for customised acoustic comfort ...

commercial acoustic panel
commercial acoustic panel

... depending on the distance from the wall and the selected acoustic treatment, Organoid® slot absorbers reach the sound absorber class A. With the tongue-and-groove connection system, the panels ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / stone wool / fire-rated / for office
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 4'00"
Width: 4'00", 6'00", 8'00"
Length: 38 mm

... stone wool panels feature excellent sound absorption and offer innovative and aesthetic benefits while also being quick and easy to install. Rockfon® Island™ Wall System is a hanging, wall mounted ...

ceiling acoustic panel / for false ceilings / fabric / colored
ceiling acoustic panel

CEILING WORKING AREA Modular system of acoustic panels, suspended or for false ceilings.

ceiling acoustic panel / for walls / mineral fiber / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

... ceilings. It also represents a highly sound absorbent solution that is especially suited where room height is restricted. StoSilent Direct can be used with the full range of StoSilent surface finishes, and unjointed ...

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Sto AG
ceiling acoustic panel / for interior / wall-mounted / wooden
ceiling acoustic panel

Calm spaces thanks to clever acoustics solutionsThe acoustic influence on large office spaces and control rooms is essential for occupational health and the well-being of the employees. Acoustic ...

interior acoustic panel / wall-mounted / perforated / colored
interior acoustic panel

We proudly present our high-efficiency sound-absorbing panels to improve the acoustic comfort of any environment and to provide complete and adequate solutions to any installation need. On your request, ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / aluminum / perforated / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Thickness: 22 mm
Width: 250 mm
Length: 600 mm - 6,000 mm

... units gives a combination of perfect acoustic properties and aesthetic appearance. The combination of perforation and acoustic felt bonded to the reverse side of the units contributes to optimal acoustics. ...

wall-mounted acoustic panel / in wood fiber / colored / auditorium
wall-mounted acoustic panel

... light and views. Inside, every space has a specific acoustics related to its function and its ambiance. According to the projects’s responsibles, Valchromat "works like wood, it has qualities of acoustic ...

false ceiling acoustic panel / hanging / commercial
false ceiling acoustic panel

Modular system of acoustic panels, suspended or for false ceilings.

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ceiling acoustic panel / wall-mounted / decorative / commercial
ceiling acoustic panel

Thickness: 60, 100, 120 mm
Width: 1,230, 820, 450, 230 mm
Length: 1,230, 820, 450, 230 mm

wall-mounted acoustic panel / felt / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel

Base layer for the soundproofing of floating floors consisting in a high-weight non-woven polyester matched with a reinforced bituminous membrane realized with a special compound. The product is superficially covered ...

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wall-mounted acoustic panel / textile / colored / commercial
wall-mounted acoustic panel
SWALTradition Acoustic