Painted cladding

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mesh cladding / steel / galvanized steel / painted
mesh cladding

... Stereo-3 offers the most economical solution where there is a requirement for a large size of panel, either as a wall cladding material or as a security screen. The overall size of panel is only limited by the practicalities ...

strip cladding / wooden / painted / vertical
strip cladding

strip cladding / wooden / smooth / painted
strip cladding

... include ThermoWood® cladding and softwood cladding. Both our ThermoWood® claddings and softwood claddings are sourced from well managed and sustainable forests, ...

panel cladding / aluminum / 3D / painted
panel cladding

Large-scale elements up to 4.5 m² in size can be produced from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and zinc and other metals suitable for cold forming with a wall thickness of approx. 0.5 to approx. 5.0 mm, with a variety ...

panel cladding / aluminum / smooth / painted
panel cladding

... solid panel for exterior and interior wall cladding. Dibo brand aluminum solid wall cladding is using aluminum alloy If you're looking for 2.0mm aluminum solid panel for exterior/interior wall cladding ...

sheet cladding / fiber cement / painted
sheet cladding