weatherstripping adhesive strip / asphalt / rubber
weatherstripping adhesive strip
W 810 AL - 10 ALU

Self-adhesive sealing tape for the waterproofing of areas such as wall / floor junctions, wall and roof penetrations or for the repair of leaking gutters and downspouts. KÖSTER Fix-Tape 10 ALU is 1 mm thick, rubber / bitumen based ...

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airtight adhesive strip / acrylic
airtight adhesive strip

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airtight adhesive strip / acrylic
airtight adhesive strip

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Beko Group Ltd
thermal-acoustic insulation / polyurethane foam / interior / foam
thermal-acoustic insulation

FM320 is a rapid curing gun grade expanding polyurethane foam that is suitable for general gap filling, bonding and insulation applications. It can be used for perimeter sealing and fixing of windows and doors. Usage/Purpose These ...

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Tremco illbruck
weatherstripping adhesive strip / rubber / asphalt / elastomeric
weatherstripping adhesive strip

Tanımı If is a bitumen-rubber based, V-shaped elastomeric filleting tape used for preparing internal edges at vertical and horizontal seams for insulation applications. Usage Areas It is used at the internal edges of hot-applied ...

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polyethylene adhesive strip
polyethylene adhesive strip

Self-adhesive desolidarization accessories in closed cell expanded polyethylene. They include: PERISOL: strips in rolls with self-adhesive tape and protective tab PERISOL L: self-adhesive orthogonal bands PERISOL AE: accessories ...

airtight adhesive strip / elastomeric / window / door
airtight adhesive strip

With COSMO DS-450.110, the PowerFilm on a roll, the bonding of air and windtight connection, for interior and outside areas, can be realised even easier an quicker as up to now. Used together with the new FilmDispenser that makes possible ...

EPDM drywall tape
EPDM drywall tape

A nominal 60 mil, cured EPDM membrane strip laminated to nominal 30 mil cured butyl rubber tape and rolled onto a release liner, for a total nominal thickness of 90 mil. Commonly used to strip in metal edging.This product requires the ...

airtight adhesive strip
airtight adhesive strip

The double-sided adhesive assembly-aid tape Twinet is perfectly suitable for the pre-installation of vapour control layers on hard substrates, e.g. metal or wood. During roof renovation from the outside, the vapour control layer can be ...

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airtight adhesive strip / waterproof / polypropylene / for ceilings
airtight adhesive strip

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extruded polystyrene core two-component insulation board
extruded polystyrene core two-component insulation board

System overseeing the thermal ventilation of domestic and industrial roofs which, thanks to its shape, ensures notable advantages in terms of living comfort and ease of installation. The ISOVENT® ventilated thermal set is made up of ...

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resilient adhesive strip / polyethylene
resilient adhesive strip

Expanded cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene strips designed for easy installation. These strips come with a screen-printed side with the installation instructions. This product is available in three versions: h 18.5 cm (11 cm wall ...

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acoustic insulation / for flooring / panel / foam
acoustic insulation

Thickness: 35 mm

QFloor Soundproof Floor Boards Looking to meet part E building regulations for sound insulation? Then Qfloor 35 soundproof floor board is your perfect acoustic flooring solution. Use Qfloor 35 over your timber battens when you are ...

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Quietstone UK Ltd
wall drywall tape / exterior
wall drywall tape

This spacer is made from fibre concrete with a 50 mm reinforcement grid, and is an ideal complement to the PENTAFLEX® ABS, A and AX shuttering elements, with either a rough or interlocking design. The concrete leakage and the associated ...

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H-BAU Technik
thermal-acoustic insulation / polyurethane foam / melamine foam / interior
thermal-acoustic insulation

Thickness: 50, 30 mm

Self-extinguishable polyurethane honeycomb foam. APPLICATIONS Thermal insulation applications, good acoustic absorber and decorative.

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AMC Mecanocaucho
polyurethane (PUR) core two-component insulation board / plaster coated / for walls
polyurethane (PUR) core two-component insulation board

Main applications: Thermal insulation of walls and ceilings inside. Thermal conductivity lD of 0.023 W/mK according to UNI EN 13165. Lined: Politwin and on both sides and and bonded to one side with plasterboard of 10 or 13 mm.

two-component insulation board with fiberboard insulation / mineral wool core
two-component insulation board with fiberboard insulation

The Troldtekt series’ two-layer acoustic panel, Troldtekt Plus, consists of a classic Troldtekt panel with a laminated backing layer of sound-absorbing material. Troldtekt Plus is available with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool ...

two-component insulation board with elastomer insulation / plaster coated
two-component insulation board with elastomer insulation

Self-supporting panels for counterwall insulation of existing walls. They can be directly fitted with glueing or with classic metal structure for plasterboard Self-supporting panel in eco-c1 foam rubber and plasterboard Rw = 31 dB ...

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expanded polystyrene core two-component insulation board / high-performance
expanded polystyrene core two-component insulation board

are produced as butt or lap joint (as thermal sheathing board). Lap joint boards ensure minimizing thermal bridges. High performance at top level is obtained thanks to the channels on the plates by increasing the adherence quality of ...

weatherstripping adhesive strip / aluminum
weatherstripping adhesive strip

Final strip made of aluminium with colour coating or made of solid copper, usable on both sides Dimension: Length: 1,500 mm Height: 74 mm, 50 mm Type: 74 mm brick-red/brown 74 mm brick-red/black 74 mm copper-natural 50 mm black/titanium ...

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MAGE Roof & Building Components
thermal insulation / glass wool / fiberglass / for pipes
thermal insulation

Performed sections of glass fibres bonded with a hear resistant resin, free from shot and coarse fibre, light, damage resistant, easy to handle, cut and fit. The sections are split along their lengths to provide a hinge for ease of fitting. Applications Thermal ...

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polyisocyanurate (PIR) core two-component insulation board / plaster coated
polyisocyanurate (PIR) core two-component insulation board

Xtratherm Thin-R Thermal Liner (Dot & Dab) XT / TL is CFC/HCFC free, manufactured using a blowing agent that has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) Manufactured in accordance with BS/IS EN 13165:2008 Thermal insulation products for ...

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sound insulation / synthetic / foam
sound insulation

KEY FEATURES Made to order Cost effective Rapid turnaround Wide range of base materials SIDERISE can provide customised insulation products upon request. In fact, within reason, we will convert any insulation product to your specification. The ...

weatherstripping adhesive strip / butyl
weatherstripping adhesive strip

High-Adhesive Butyl Sealing Tape Protected by a Reinforced Aluminium Film Bu-tylene Alu Brico is a self-adhesive sealing tape made of a butyl rubber compound, protected by a reinforced metal film in aluminium, available in various sizes/colours. ...

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high-performance two-component insulation board / polyisocyanurate (PIR) core / metal facing / facade
high-performance two-component insulation board