edge profile / aluminum / for balconies
edge profile

Technical specifications Item name: CPBV/ Length: 270 Height: 55 - 75 - 95 Finishes : RAL 7038 ash grey colour-coated aluminium Notes : pack 10 pcs Membership categories PROFILES FOR FLOORS AND COVERINGS EDGING PROFILES FOR ...

galvanized steel pillar / stainless steel
galvanized steel pillar

Robust design with sleek finish Juno feeder pillars provide electrical services for markets, squares, hotels, and parks etc. as well as marinas and other public or private areas. Supplied with hinged door(s) and flange plate ...

aluminium profile / stainless steel / edge / for balconies
aluminium profile

Right-angled stainless steel or aluminium profile designed for use with different thicknesses. Intended for the protection and finish of the outer edges on balconies and terraces, it makes it easier for rainwater to flow without coming ...

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stone pillar
stone pillar

Column, supporting construction element with round, polygonal or put a tread cross-section. Originally the column carries a frame, since Roman time also for walls about curves and also is also appropriated ornamentally without weight-bearing ...

bronze profile / for railing / custom
bronze profile

Structured and patinated bronze Made to measure

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Atelier Stefan Leo
stone pillar
stone pillar

aluminum profile / for partition walls
aluminum profile

Office partition Systems create office environments that stand the time and human traffic. They provide ergonomic, functional, comfortable, durable solutions. These systems are usually made by a sequence of integral panels attached ...