upholstery fabric / geometric pattern
upholstery fabric

Olimpia collection of eastern Mediterranean-inspired prints, mosaics and geometric designs that transport us to the shores of phosphorus or next to an island in the Ionian Sea. Between East and West the Olimpia collection gives us the ...

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upholstery fabric / damask / linen / silk
upholstery fabric

Damask Silk and linen damask with a small pattern of stylised flowers in the neo-17th-century style. During the Second Empire, fabric designers were fond of revisiting and reinterpreting classic designs from the past. The small repeat ...

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upholstery fabric / nature pattern / Trevira CS®
upholstery fabric
LUSTGÅRDEN by Stig Lindberg

The narrative and detailed pattern Lustgården (Pleasure Garden) was designed in the late 40’s by Stig Lindberg. The fabric was displayed at NK in Stockholm at the exhibition Bride & Home, which was "a paradise for anyone thinking about ...

curtain fabric / animal motif / silk
curtain fabric

Matching furnishings and wallpaper. With Misha, coordinating becomes an inspiring experience. And the result is an almost fairy tale world, where the boundaries between exterior and interior are increasingly reduced and blended. Designed ...

upholstery fabric / nature pattern / polyester
upholstery fabric

Starting with rugs, and now entering the world of homeware, with high society, we aim to give our clients the ability to relate to their house on a more personal and deep level, creating a line of design that’s tastefuel, coherent and ...

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