video corpo

perforated metal sheet / decorative / corrugated / aluminum



  • Type:

    perforated, decorative, corrugated

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for facade cladding

  • Options:

    with square perforations


Cantori provides customized designs and solutions for innovative architectural applications related to the wide range of decorative, corrugated, embossed, perforated metal sheets, customized to any shapes or sizes, with the opportunity to study a representative format for each client’s request.

Thanks to the varied range of products, designers and architects have almost unlimited possibilities to give life to their ideas in the realization of the facade, customizing the work with decorative, refined and surprising effects; we can make panels for facades cladding of aluminum, custom-made and drawing with each type of sheet, so as to obtain play of lights and absolutely original shapes.