outdoor drinking fountain / concrete / polyethylene / for public spaces



  • Location:


  • Material:

    concrete, polyethylene

  • Market:

    for public spaces


The Play fountain embodies a clear intention to contribute to the development of our cities in a direction marked by values such as economy of resources and environmental integration, projected by the use of the materials and its formal and functional simplicity. Its adapted geometry ensures its accessibility for users in wheelchairs.

The result of a meticulous study of all the aspects that configure a product: transport, installation, the use made of it and at the end of the product’s useful life, its disposal, component separation and recycling.

The shape of the item resembles that of a funnel with smooth forms and no superfluous frills. The design permanently seeks ease of use, accessibility for all users and versatility in terms of its environmental integration.The rotational moulding process allows the casing to be made as a single funnel-shaped piece that collects the water and channels it through the trunk to the drain that houses the siphon. The body is extremely resistant thanks to its revolutionary geometry, and is astonishingly light compared to other more conventional models in steel, cast iron or concrete.

Concrete base that supports the column - 100% recyclable LDPE bowl. It has a timer button mechanism that is easy to use and a spare for use in the event of blockage or wear. Internal copper duct. Stainless steel spout.

Materials: Micro-textured LDPE Polyethylene Etched and waterproofed Concrete

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