outdoor drinking fountain / stainless steel / concrete / for public spaces
RURAL by Jansana, de la Villa & de Paauw



  • Location:


  • Material:

    concrete, stainless steel

  • Market:

    for public spaces


Design: Imma Jansana
Producer: ESCOFET 1998

RURAL is a cast stone drinking fountain. The design was inspired by the piles of stones used for old countryside springs and their handpumps for drawing up the groundwater, still found in remote areas. RURAL was also designed to illustrate what children discover when playing near a river or a waterfall: that a scoop shape in a stone is the simplest and most natural way to collect water.

RURAL consists of a large-diameter, curved stainless steel pipe, a press button tap and a cast stone base with different finishes: pitted on the outside to maintain the appearance of natural, unaltered rock; polished on the surface where the water pipe emerges, and acid-etched inside the bowl to recreate the shapes produced by the slow erosion of water flowing over rock.

This fountain was designed by architect Imma Jansana in 1998 with the idea of influencing open and natural spaces. It has become a classic item in the Escofet collection of urban products.

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