home automation system remote control



  • Function:

    for home automation systems


The ZWP10 multi-channel remote control enables radio control of FAKRO electrical accessories and of other manufacturers which are compatible with the Z-Wave communication module. The ZWP10 remote control can be used to operate up to 10 devices individually on five channels (two devices per one channel). It also allows the creation of 10 independent groups. Each group can contain several devices operated simultaneously. The controller's memory can contain up to 231 devices. The ZWP10 remote control can serve as the basic controller - PRIMARY and additional controller - SECONDARY. The PRIMARY controller allows to integrate numerous devices into one radio network, while the SECONDARY controller acts as additional controller in already existing network. In addition to Basic control mode, i.e.: OPEN, STOP, CLOSE, the ZWP10 remote control also features Multilevel mode which allows e.g. for smooth dimming of light and for convenience can also be magnetically wall mounted.