window automatic opening mechanism



The new Z-Wave roof window ensures maximum comfort of living in the loft. It constitutes an important and integral element of any intelligent house in the wireless Z-Wave system.

The centre pivot roof windows are factory-equipped with devices which enable its opening and closing as well as accessory operating with the use of a remote control. The windows can be operated from any place inside the room. The Z-Wave windows are particularly recommended for rooms where windows are installed high above users’ heads, thus making it difficult to access them directly. It makes these windows a perfect element to be included in non-standard architectural projects providing numerous interior design options. FTP-V Z-Wave window is made of wood in natural colour, can be applied to all rooms in the attic.

The FTU-V Z-Wave roof window is a wooden structure in white, triple coated with acrylic lacquer ensuring a durable and perfectly smooth finish of window profiles. It is recommended for rooms with periodically increased humidity levels such as kitchens or bathrooms.