flat roof skylight / PVC / glass



  • Applications:

    flat roof

  • Material:

    glass, PVC


The DXW flat roof window ensures you can walk across its surface freely
Modern materials and changing technology in the construction industry allow to erect buildings with flat roofs.

It often happens in this type of architecture that inside the building there are rooms where it is not possible to install standard roof windows. Each room should offer a source of natural light to make the user feel comfortable. Ideal solution in such cases is installation of specially designed products for flat roofs.

DXW flat roof window which with special design featuring enhanced load capacity and applied non-slip coating ensures you can walk across its surface freely when installed in terraces or flat roofs. Thanks to the fact that the surface of the DXW window is in flush with the roof covering material, windows not only create a safe space in the terrace which can be utilized, but also do not spoil its aesthetics. It is therefore an excellent solution to be applied in the terrace or green roof that allows to achieve perfectly flat roof surface while maintaining properties of the roof window.

With reinforced design, anti-slip coating, safe glazing unit with external glass laminated, the DXW window is very safe product that allows to walk across its entire surface safely.