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The DRL roof access door is an innovative product providing safe and comfortable access to the flat roof. Its structural durability and range of sizes provide the perfect combination with a loft ladder.

Fully assembled product
The frame is constructed of multi-chamber PVC profiles filled with insulation material
Insulated sash equipped with a rubber seal ensures perfect thermal insulation performance
The sash can be opened up to 60°. Gas springs facilitate opening and closing and the sash can be left in open position
Anti-slip tape on the base ensures safe access to the flat roof
Sizes of the roof access door are adjusted according to the size of loft ladder (loft ladders are sold separately - see Loft Ladder Catalogue)
Can be mounted on an additional XRD base with a height of 15cm, for installation in green and living roofs
Option to install an additional ZBR lock which protects against accidental closure of the sash
Suitable for roof pitches between 0° and 5°.