copolymer fastening system / for panels / for false ceilings / for walls



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for panels, for false ceilings, for walls

  • Other characteristics:

    interior, concealed, for masonry


Installation methods of attaching panels to concrete walls typically involve creating a framework to mount panels onto, to achieve a level mounting surface. The new PC-DC1 has been designed to allow installers to bypass these steps, to save time on new-build and refit jobs.

The PC-DC1 pairs with Fastmount’s PC-F1A clip from the Standard Range, and is hammer-set into a 26mm hole in concrete or brick walls. It allows up to 6mm of transverse adjustment to help to level uneven walls quickly, whilst ensuring the perfect panel finish that Fastmount is known for.

Additionally, the PC-DC1 can self-tap into plasterboard or drywall, giving installers the option to use the full breadth of the Standard Range – which offers pull out loads of 2kg – 15kg, depending on the male clip chosen and to suit the weight of the panels.

•PC-DC1 pairs with Fastmount’s PC-F1A, compatible all Standard Range male clips
•Fits into concrete block/masonry or drywall/plasterboard
•Removes need for framework installation prior to decorative panel mounting – adjustable gap of 4.5mm – 10.5mm.
•Facilitates rapid mounting of various panel types – full height and heavyweight panels (plywood, timber, MDF, composites), as well as small and lightweight panels (acoustic)
•Enables rapid removal and replacement of panels numerous times
•Ensures a completely hidden fixing with a strong hold (2kg – 15kg pull out load depending on male clip used)