wood primer / for masonry / plaster / for bricks



  • Support:

    for masonry, for wood, for concrete, plaster, for cement, wood flooring, for bricks, for mortar

  • Component:


  • Location:

    interior, exterior

  • Other characteristics:

    low-odor, for floors, for facades


Two-component, solvent-free, polyurethane primer that enables the adhesion of ISOFLEX-PU membranes for flat roofs. Suitable for absorbent or non-absorbent surfaces, such as concrete, screeds, metal, wood, old waterproofing layers, bituminous substrates, etc. Ideal for substrates of high moisture content in order to avoid problems in the ISOFLEX-PU membrane.

Color: Brown.
Consumption: 100-200 g/m².
Packaging: 20 kg (A+B), 4 kg (A+B), 1 kg (A+B).

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