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Electric fireplace LINEA - EL flickered forming ember and smoke + switchable heating with good calorific value

In the Fire Demo ( http://www.kamin-design.com/film/36 ) look at our Electric Fireplace LINEA-EL with optional heating and genuine aussehendem flickering Holzgluteffekt. The flickering embers can hardly be distinguished from the original.

Chimney housing Dimensions: 102 cm wide, 102 cm high, 41 cm deep - we also manufacture your measure
The two heat settings bring warmth and are easy to regulate via a remote control. Features: only fire and smoke, heating stage 1 (heat value 750 W) heating level 2 (calorific value 1500 W)

Measurements of the electric immersion: 63 cm wide, 69 cm high, 30 cm deep

This electric immersion heater is built in to all our Surrounds.

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Like our electric fireplace technology works and is to use is shown here:

Never previously burned electrical fire so realistic.

It rich stream and water
A water tank, 5 lamps and 2 ultrasonic magic an incredibly authentic flames. hardly distinguishable from real fire. With a filled water tank of 1.3 liters of fire burning around 8-10 hours.

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