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    open hearth

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Electric fireplace CARRARA - EL
Our CARRARA - EL makes fire from water.
From all sides you can see the flames. It rich stream and water. A water tank, different lamps and 2 ultrasonic magic an incredibly authentic flames. Hardly more
distinguish between real fire. With a filled water tank of the fire is burning over 8 hours.

Dimensions: Width 130 - Height 107 - depth 65 cm

Fire Demo from CARRARA - EL: http://www.kamin-design.com/film/19/

Fire Demo and operation way: http://www.kamin-design.com/film/16/

The 3D Electric fireplace puts an end to the "plates" fire effect conventional electric fireplaces. Immediately we equip. Our fireplace model CARRARA out with a completely new electric immersion heater, which is developing a 3-dimensional fire with smoke effect The integrated logs with Gluteffekt are deceptively realistic. Never previously burned electrical fire so realistic. From all sides you can see the flames.

It rich stream and water
A water tank, various lamps and ultrasonic magic an incredibly authentic flames. No longer distinguish between real fire.

Catalog: www.kamin-design.com/bio-kamin-katalog/Elkat

Fire Demo: www.kamin-design.com/film/19

Further information can be obtained by calling 08424 -. 88 55 62

or visit us in Germany's largest exhibition for electric fireplaces and bio-fireplaces with Power Flame system in Ingolstadt, directly from the manufacturer. requested registration


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