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    for roofs

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Any fall from a roof will inevitably result in serious injury or death.
Accident reports are filled with severe injuries resulting from falls through skylights. Therefore, "skylight domes (...), which are not designed or
constructed to support the weight of a person (...) must be fitted with
suitable railings, covers or screens to permanently eliminate the physical
risk of falls through skylights." (Technical regulations for workplaces (ASR) A2.1 (7(3))

KEMPEROL FALLSTOP – is a quick and easy way to remove the risk of falls through skylights and helps to eliminate the risk of fatal occupational injuries.

Quick and easy

KEMPEROL FALLSTOP can be applied quickly and easily. The surface must be cleaned thoroughly with KEMPERTEC FALLSTOP Cleaner prior to application. The ready-for-use KEMPEROL FALLSTOP coating is then applied
evenly and free of bubbles in four steps using a foam roller in a crisscross
fashion. The surface is fully cured and fall-through protected after approx. seven days (at 23°C).

The advantages at a glance

Tested, permanent fall-through protection to GS BAU 18
Suitable for all commercial skylight domes made from, e.g., GRP, PC, PMMA, PETG
Light transmission is not impaired
Suitable for SHEV skylight domes
Light fast and UV resistant
Skylights can be coated without downtime
Quick and easy