table lamp / Baroque style / blown glass
OMNIA VINCIT AMOR by Raja Schwahn-Reichmann



  • Type:


  • Style:

    Baroque style

  • Material:

    blown glass


Love conquers all. Dionysus, the leader and rioter of all the baroque bucolic bustle, accompanied by Cupid and his divine relatives and ambassadors, protects us against melancholy as bearer of wine, lust(re) and light. Inspired by this theme, artist Raja Schwahn-Reichmann set out to transform her visions using her figural paintings into three-dimensional objects. The collection titled Omnia Vincit Amort for Lasvit combines Raja´s paintings and hand-blown glass components. This meticulously crafted piece bursts with colors and shapes, adding a contemporary twist to the baroque icons and floral elements

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