traditional wall light / fabric
GLITTERS by Gabriela Nahlikova



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Provocatively ice clear pleated lamp-shades with right angle cranked legs stand in contrast with the ornamental composition of shadows that appear on the walls after you switch on the light. The classical design together with an optical projection merges into aromantic functionalism. Light, its reections on the sharp-cut edges of glass and shadows, are creating an outstanding atmosphere and sophisticated mood of an interior at the same time. The shadow and light create an optical illusion. Shadows are virtually all around, but only those thrown by the Glitters collection are capable of creating neat and magnicent make-up of the space, day and night. Light, translucent texture of the glass and striking expressiveness have the ability to call forth memories but also enhance plastic beauty of the room and make it real, more real, for the shadows that always reveal more than the light itself.

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