original design chandelier / glass / LED / by Studio Nendo



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:


  • Light source:


  • Designer:

    by Studio Nendo


Nendo and Lasvit collaborated to create an art piece, which conveys the quixotic appeal of glass as something impractical and incomplete yet provides a breath of fresh air and opens up new possibilities. Created with Czech Bohemian glass, this lighting installation of whimsical nature, alludes to a whimsical glass forest filled with abstract flowers and branches. The principle of a flower and a vase here is turned upside down. By turning the pipes into the flowers and branches and by blowing the glass into a vase, suddenly the vases are blooming from flowers instead of flowers blooming in vases! Growing Vases breaks conventions and symbolises the birth of life. “We decided to take the brief in a playful direction, and to suggest both breathing and the incomplete by displaying the metal pipes used by glassblowers, still attached to the glass objects that they were used to make.” – Oki Sato

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