indoor tile / wall / floor / bronze



  • Location:


  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    bronze, steel, brass, stainless steel

  • Shape and sizes:

    rectangular, square, hexagonal, triangular, large-format

  • Motif:

    monochrome, nature pattern, customizable

  • Finish:

    embossed, polished, matte, high-gloss, smooth, natural, satin, brushed, bush hammered, metallized, reflective

  • Appearance:

    metallic look

  • Color:

    silver, golden, copper-colored

  • Other characteristics:

    thin, high-resistance, Italian, commercial, high-performance, antibacterial, for public spaces, 100% recyclable, tertiary, dyed in the mass, custom, low-VOC, water-repellent, laminated, step

  • Thickness:

    Max.: 2 mm

    Min.: 1.5 mm


Planium renews the tradition of classic floor laying: wonderful metal finishes will transform the space. Stainless steel, Calamine, copper, bronze and brass, brushed, oxidized and iridescent nuances. Say goodbye to the old!

The millimeter thickness of the tiles and their stratification (finish, core, pvc of the background) make them easy to handle and light.

Our large formats, starting from 60x60 cm, will amplify the size and appearance of your spaces.

Choose your metal finishes and compose the floor of your dreams.