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    for wood, for concrete, for metal

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ELASTOCOL® 600 is a ready-to-use cold-applied bitumen primer composed of elastomeric bitumen and volatile solvents for selfadhesive waterproofing sheets.

Compatible with all substrate (concrete, metal or wood-based), ELASTOCOL® 600 is implemented cold. ELASTOCOL® 600 is a single component, ready to use and packaged in cans handling practices.

ELASTOCOL® 600 is used as a cold-applied primer, to increase adherence for self-adhesive bitumen-based waterproofing membranes (SOPRASOLIN®, COLPHENE®, SOPRASTICK® or SOPRASTICK® SI). Refer to related technical documents for further details. Product must be well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components.

Ensure that the tools are clean. It will be applied with a brush, a roller or sprayed onto dry, clean surfaces, free of non-adhesive materials. Metal surfaces must be degreased beforehand.
Let the product dry completely before applying waterproofing membranes.
Tool cleaning: cleaning solvents (i.e. White Spirit, Xylene).