cladding coating / insulating / outdoor / for walls



  • Function:

    for cladding, insulating

  • Location:


  • Type of support:

    for walls, facade

  • Component:



A reinforced dowelling system for the renovation or damaged render or external wall insulation systems.

1. Substrate

Damaged render system or external wall insulation system

2. Levelling Coat

StoLevell Uni levelling and adhesive coat

3. Carrier Board

StoReno Plan mesh-reinforced carrier board with dowel recesses

StoReno dowel fixings as specified

4. Reinforcing Coat

StoArmat Classic cement-free reinforcing render

5. Reinforcing Mesh

Sto Glass Fibre Mesh embedded into the reinforcing render

6. Render Finish

Acrylic render finish (Stolit)

Acrylic render finish with aggregate (StoSuperlit)

Silicone resin render finish (StoSilco)

Self-cleaning render with Lotus-Effect® (StoLotusan)