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floor air diffuser floor air diffuser - AQUA


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AQUA is a linear slot diffuser, mainly intended for air supply in ventilation systems for swimming pools
and wet spaces with large windows or glass walls.

• Modern slim and compact design

• Low noise at sufficiently high air discharge velocity

• Homogenous discharge pattern on the whole diffuser length

• Single diffuser segments of various lenghts

• Segments with detouchable slot dividing profiles and 90° angle segments available

• Installation in multiple diffuser segment arrays is possible

• Robust construction enables walking on the installed diffuser

Diffuser AQUA consists of a pressure equalizing console from two main aluminum profiles. The profiles are connected by stainless steel thread bolts. The bolts also fix the aluminum profiles that separate the air discharge slots. The diffuser console is open on the bottom. Inside the consoles there are vertical deflectors, one per each 0,5 m length. They help the air discharge pattern becoming homogenous and correctly oriented. The consoles can be connected into a multiple segment array by connection pins (accessory CP-HELLA). On both outermost ends of the array the end caps (accessory EC-AQUA) can be attached to the consoles. They avoid the fluid building materilas (concrete, mortar...) from intruding into the diffuser console during installation and floor finishing.

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