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Precast Concrete - Recycling Bunker Walls
Glass Recycling BaysThe ACP precast concrete recycling bunker wall system is a fast track construction method for storage and separation of recycling materials and composting waste products.Three different systems are available:

Prestressed concrete Horizontal panels span between steel support columns to produce foundation free precast bunker walls.
Prestressed concrete vertical cantilever panels are tied into a 0.5m foundation to produce bunkers within the clear span of buildings or external bunker structures.
Precast concrete portable Arrow Panels sit directly on the floor with no fixing required (up to 3.6m), the heavy mass concrete base providing stability.

Advantages of Fast Track Construction
The precast concrete bunker wall system is designed to provide rapid construction of single or multi bunker walls in new or existing buildings. Precast concrete is the ideal solution for those looking for Modern Methods of Construction. The extreme robust nature of prestressed concrete wall panels makes these units resistant to damage from constant out-loading and easy to clean between batches.