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A consistent and stable leaven,...

proofer - MIWE CUBE : PROOF750

Proofing cabinet with professional technology

proofer - MIWE GVA E+

Taste that comes from the cold.

Good bakers have always known that the quality of their products is already determined before the baking process. They have realised that much...

retarder proofer - MIWE SF

Can taste be preserved? Thanks to the right technology, a perfect product quality that does...

proofer - MIWE GR

For installing modern and reliable proofing systems in available spaces with limited flexibility, even in the...

proofer - MIWE GVAS

The MIWE GVAS fully automatic proofing cabinet: the big world of proofing on a small footprint.
When you need forced, controlled proofing in addition to interrupted and retarded proofing, but your space is limited, the MIWE GVAS fully automatic proofing cabinet...

proofer - 804

Construction in Stainless Steel, grade 18/10 AISI-304. Fermentation cupboards and hot tables with convection heat (mod. 628, 804 and 808), with digital thermostat-thermometer...

mobile proofer - EP 800

Power : 1.4 kw
Outside dimensions : 795 x 640 x 910 mm
Weight : 50 kg
Volts : 230 v
EP 800 : Proofer...

glass door proofer - GS 433-8

Material: stainless steel
For 4 trays: 433 x 345 mm

glass door proofer - GS 6416

Material: stainless steel
For 16 trays: 600 x 400 mm oder 1/1 GN

retarder proofer - FERMATIC Q4

Fermatic Q4 has the latest technology within retarding and proving, as well as Dough On Demand, which means that ready to bake dough can be preserved and baked sequentially over a period of up to 6-10 hours.

Fermatic Q4 has been developed to meet tomorrows production requirements with regard to techniques within Freezing-Proving, Retarding-Proving and Dough On Demand.
Taste and aroma...

intermediate proofer - IPP

IPP Intermediate pocket prover are modular and can be adapted according to the customers need

Three different infeed systems
Adapted to customer...

retarder proofer - SMARTBOX

The Smartbox is designed to handle trays. The cabinet takes a small foot print due to its compact design. The Smartbox is well insulated and has an easy to open door with a...

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